Performance Test Instruments / Data Acquisition Systems

instrumewntCleanAir maintains a large inventory of temporary test instruments that is used by CleanAir Performance and available for rental to support plant performance testing that includes:

    • Calibrated RTDs
    • Thermocouples
    • Rosemount Pressure Transmitters
    • Nexus Power Meters 0.04% accuracy
    • B&K Sound Meters
    • GE Panametrics Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Our engineers have collected thermal, pressure, flow, and power data for years and appreciate that there are no acceptable excuses when it comes to having reliable test instrumentation.  The benefits of that history are embedded in the functionality and dependability of the test equipment and systems that CleanAir rents.
For example, the improvements CleanAir has made to data acquisition systems based on the HP-Agilent 34970A mean that these systems are lighter, more rugged and more water resistant than ever before.  We will upgrade your HP-Agilent systems to CleanAir standards.

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