Sorbent Trap Probe

The sampling probe is perhaps the single most important hardware element in sorbent trap mercury monitoring systems. The probe has to hold up to constant and direct flue gas exposure while keeping the sorbent traps properly positioned and maintained. From the operator’s perspective, a well designed probe is the difference between a quick, easy trap exchange and a maintenance bottleneck. 

Users install and remove traps in seconds with our proprietary tool-free trap holders. An integrated multi-zone heated sample line results in a maintenance-free and leak-proof gas connection. 

A 5-ft probe weighs less than 35 pounds, making it easily maneuvered by a single operator.

100% of the gas-exposed metal components of our probes are made with corrosion resistant alloys. Probes are available in 316 Stainless Steel, C276 Hastelloy and Titanium materials.

CleanAir’s patented MET-80 sorbent trap probe will provide years of maintenance-free operation. Our probes incorporate several unique design features that ensure ease of use, fast trap exchanges and minimal maintenance. 


Purchase, demonstration and custom solutions available.
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