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The state of technology of emissions monitoring is always changing. From the advent of new technology in CEM systems to updates in the EPA’s test methods. For this reason, CleanAir holds the opinion that in a changing industry the state of knowledge should always be advancing. CleanAir offers several ways to advance your present knowledge of a monitoring method or system.

Literature Research
In the past, CleanAir has offered intellectual products for clients covering many topic including, but not limited to:

    • Current and emerging technologies in the gas sensing field
    • Effects of alkaline sorbents on ESP performance
    • Efficacy of US EPA reference methods
    • Review of SO3 Measurement Techniques and Instrumentation

Experimental Research

CleanAir is also equipped to solve unknown questions or concerns with a fully active laboratory. In the past year CleanAir has investigated problems such as:

    • SO2 oxidation biases as seen in Methods 8 and 202
    • Minimum Detection Limit (MDL) of Method 8
    • SO2 oxidation bias in controlled condensation method due to Vanadium (V) Oxide
    • Biases in Method 8 from simulated flue gas
    • Analytical bias due to Barium-Thorin titration


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